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Memories of Our  Past Years Award Winning Garden Show Exhibits

2003 "Once Upon A Time"
 "Romantic Garden" 2009
Please enjoy a few of our favorites!
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"Once upon a Farm"  2006
"Natural Wonders" 2006
The Sword and The Stone  1998
"Garden of Secrets" 2003
Our Lady of the Lawn
"Visions of Middle Earth" 2016
"Once upon a time"1999
Lord of the Rings 2003
"Country Visions" 2008
"Country Visions" 2008
"Once Upon A Farm"  2005
Japanese Teahouse 2001
"Romantic Visions" 2009
"Romantic Visions" 2009
"Country Visions"  2008
"Romantic Visions" 2009
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Japanese Teahouse 2000
Once Upon A Farm  2007
Once Upon A Farm  2007
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 Thank You to all who voted for our 2016 Visions of Middle Earth
Exhibit in the "Capital District Garden Show" 

Winner of the Peoples Choice!